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Alice Merton

Alice Merton


Born in Germany and raised in Canada and England, Alice Merton's absorption of different styles and sounds helped craft the worldly progressive pop leanings on her debut "No Roots," , which came out in 2016. The last couple of years could fill an entire career: Playing Coachella, 8x Platinum, US-Gold, and the release of her album "MINT+4" in January 2019. All done independent, everything homemade! Alice Merton's follow up album "S.I.D.E.S." will be out on June 17th. The singles that have previewed the album - including ‘Vertigo’, ‘Same Team’ and ‘Island’ - have seen Alice make a huge leap forward in both her artistic vision and her confidence. The voice and alt-pop addictiveness that first enamoured fans remains at the core of her sound, but it’s adventurously doused with touches of indie, electronica, alt-rock and synth-pop. Ultimately, ‘S.I.D.E.S.’ sees Alice blur the boundaries between ragged rock energy and pop infectiousness. It is also the first album, where Alice has acted as the executive producer throughout the whole album. “There wasn’t one producer this time who made sure everything sounded sonically cohesive, it was a big role to take on, to be in charge of this whole album process, but I enjoyed the challenge and I loved getting to work with so many different talented producers “